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Linda Baumgarten

About Linda

Linda Baumgarten has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years: technical writer, insurance agent, real estate investor, business consultant, motivational speaker, course designer, and real estate/business coach.

She has achieved the pinnacle of success in each of the companies for which she has worked or created. As an insurance agent, she was a $3 million dollar producer selling insurance one family at a time. For over 7 years, Business Network International acknowledged Baumgarten as the top networker in her chapter. Linda effectively worked with over 100 volunteers to become the number one communication course manager in the country at Landmark Education Corporation.

Linda steps in when she sees a need. Feeling that small businesses were underserved in her local Chamber of Commerce, she created the Small Business Council and Webster Small Business of the Year Annual Award. As a volunteer, she uses her marketing skills to help animal rescues raise needed funds and find homes for homeless cats and dogs.

Baumgarten has been interviewed on television, radio, and in the newspaper about investing in real estate. She has inspired thousands of people to realize their dreams of financial freedom at the Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association and around the country. As one of its coaches, she is proud that CT REIA has been acknowledged as one of the Best Real Estate Educational Providers by the Commercial Record.

Baumgarten was awarded the Women of FIRE (Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate) Award by Banker & Tradesman for being among the most talented, ambitious, and innovative women entrepreneurs in Connecticut.


Linda’s living principle

In Women Are Simply Better at Real Estate, you will discover that Linda’s living principle is that ordinary people are extraordinary. She strives to recognize and empower success-making qualities in each person she meets and coaches. Her students and business clients overwhelmingly achieve their business and life goals.

Now it is your turn to benefit from her teachings and practical words of empowerment in the exciting world of real estate